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December 08 2012



I will remember whenever a young, aspiring campaigning state representative came to my entry way to solicit my vote. There were an enjoyable conversation, mostly him telling me why he wanted to represent me and why he was qualified. Conservative values, low or no taxes, and a tiny bit about his background like a tax attorney. How come most politicians lawyers anyway? That is another subject.

I told him I'd two questions for him and i also didn't want him to resolve the particular question, but what I wanted to know by asking these two questions was about what basis he would make his decision.

The two general questions were asking how however opt to vote on some adult video or pornographic legislation and just how he would decide to vote on road improvement expenditures.

"Regarding the roads, I'll listen to the folks and vote the direction they want me to vote. The only issue is getting input from your people. Not many people have a go at those types of decisions. That is additional problems.

About the, what I will call, moral issues, (This is just what he called my proposed question) I am going to vote my conscience, my morals, my values. If, once the next election appears, you do not like the way I vote on moral issues, then don't reelect me."

I was stunned! I had found a person which i could support, assuming his moral values matched mine. It's imperative that individuals elect officials which will react to individuals without compromising their particular standards and moral principles. Some issues are relative. Morals and values are absolute. And i also will absolutely vote for those absolute values!

After our discussion he left the house to keep canvassing your neighborhood. After a couple of minutes he reappeared within my door to tell me his car wouldn't normally start. Assuming it had not been a relative political prank to obtain my sympathetic vote, I graciously went out and jump started his car, which absolutely started.
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